75 Best Common Greek Last Names or Surnames

75 Best Common Greek Last Names or Surnames
75 Best Common Greek Last Names or Surnames


It is interesting to realize how Greek lineage can be related to the last name of a person. Greek last names began showing up just in the fifteenth century. They have various roots and derivation. The greater part of the last names is affected by family names, fatherly, and maternal names. Several of these Greek last names are genitive, i.e., starting from the dad’s first name or the family name.

Naming Traditions In Greece

The family names or last names in Greece are frequently pointers of the beginning of the person. There are numerous occurrences where the last name is altered yet infers their source. A model is the last name ‘Demetriou,’ which can be followed back to somebody whose family name was initially ‘Demetrios.’

For ladies, the last names change to a female variant of the first manly family name.

Greek last names additionally include unmistakable postfixes. One can get familiar with the spot of birthplace and most likely family ancestry through the postfix alone. For instance, ‘– akis’ alludes to an individual from Crete, ‘– Ellis’ methods the individual probably came from Dodecanese islands, ‘– Demopoulos’ for a man coming from the Peloponnese promontory, ‘- is’ indicates the individual is a ‘relative of’ somebody. The ‘- ladies addition has a place with individuals from Messinia or Lakonia while ‘- oud as’ is for individuals from North Greece (Macedonia).

Prefixes of a family name could educate you concerning the starting point of the individual as well while additionally enlightening something regarding an actual characteristic or a calling. For example, a family name starting with ‘Kara’ infers that it has a place with somebody in the East or Asia Minor as ‘kara’ alludes to ‘dark’ in the Turkish language. The prefix ‘konto’ signifies ‘short,’ and ‘daddy’ signifies ‘somebody who dropped from clerics.’

Greek family names are accordingly intriguing to know as it’s been said a great deal about Greek lineage and convention. In this post, MomJunction brings a rundown of 100 most generally utilized Greek family names or last names.

Rundown Of Common And Ancient Greek Last Names

  1. Adamos

In Greek, this last name signifies ‘the child of Adam.’

  1. Aetós

This last name signifies ‘bird’ in Greek.

  1. Agathangelou

This is a patronymic name given to the individuals who probably slid from the chronicled figure named Agathangelos.

  1. Alexopoulos

It is gotten from the individual name Alexios and the patronymic completion Poulos.

  1. Andino

In Greek, this last name signifies ‘masculine.’

  1. Andrianakis

This last name is gotten from the name Andreas with an addition, – as. It is regularly found in the Australian Greek people group.

  1. Angelopoulos

This name is gotten from Angelos, abbreviated from Evangelos with the patronymic closure ‘Poulos.’

  1. Angelos

This family name is a normally utilized one and signifies ‘Heavenly attendant’ in Greek.

  1. Ariti

In Greek, Ariti implies somebody who is congenial, inviting, or liberal.

  1. Artino

Artino is a habitational name given to somebody who had a place with the city of Arta.

  1. Athanasiou

This name is gotten from the individual name Athanasios, which signifies ‘interminable,’ and it has the addition ‘ou’ from the Cypriot genitive.

  1. Bakirtzis

This is a Greek the last name got from a Turkish word, which signifies ‘coppersmith.’

  1. Calimeris

This Greek family name began from the welcome ‘Kalimera,’ which signifies ‘Hello.’

  1. Chloros

This is another usually utilized Greek family name, which alludes to the shading green.

  1. Christodoulopoulos

It implies a ‘relative of Christ’s worker.’

A variety of the name Christophoros, which implies one who is ‘bearing Christ.’

  1. Chronis

It is gotten from ‘Chronos’ – ‘time’ or ‘year’ in Greek.

  1. Christoyannopoulos

This antiquated name implies the ‘relative of John and Christ.’

  1. Cirillo

This is a Greek last name, from an Italian starting point. The name signifies ‘noble’ or ‘breathtaking.’

  1. Danielopoulos

This Greek last name signifies ‘child of Daniel.’ Daniel itself signifies ‘God is my appointed authority.’

  1. Diakos

It signifies ‘elder’ in Greek. A deacon is an individual from the ministry.

  1. Diamandis

This Greek name signifies ‘precious stones’ in Greek.

  1. Dougenis

Diogenes is gotten from the words ‘doulos’ signifying ‘slave’ or ‘worker’ and ‘qualities’ signifying ‘being conceived.’

  1. Doukas

Doukas is a Medieval Greek the last name got from ‘Doukas’ signifying ‘duke’ or a ‘master.’

  1. Drakos

This name comes from the Greek word Drakon, which implies a ‘mythical beast’ or a ‘monster.’

  1. Economos

This is a word related to the last name given to a steward or any individual who deals with property. The family name is gotten from the Greek word ‘oikonomos,’ which signifies ‘steward.’

  1. Filo

This is a Greek type of an individual name Filip, which signifies ‘companion of the ponies.’

  1. Frangopoulos

It signifies ‘relative of Frank.’

  1. Franopoulos

It is identified with the name Frangopoulos signifies ‘relative of a Frank’ in Greek.

  1. Galanis

This is a Greek family name for somebody who has ‘light blue eyes.’ The last name begins from ‘galagos,’ the Greek word for ‘light blue’ or ‘sky blue.’

  1. Gataki

Pataki signifies ‘little cat’ in Greek.

  1. Ganas

It is a word related Greek family name for the individuals who function as coppersmiths.

  1. German

This last name is given to individuals from Germany. Typically given to real settlers from Germany or for individuals who had business associations with German-talking lands.

  1. Giorgaina

It signifies the ‘spouse of Georgios.’ In early present-day Greece, a wedded lady’s last name was typically a mix of her significant other’s name and the addition ‘- aina.’

  1. Hasapis

It is gotten from the Greek word ‘chasapi’ that signifies ‘butcher.’

  1. Hatzi

A Greek comment of Hajj, which implies an ‘individual who has finished a journey.’

  1. Hatzis

Hatzis is a cutting edge adaptation of the Khatzi’s, which in Greek methods a ‘pioneer to Jerusalem.’ The last name is identified with the Greek family name ‘Hatzi.’

  1. Iordanou

This name begins from the Jordan River’s name in Hebrew. It intends to ‘slip’ or ‘stream down.’

  1. Iraklidis

This name alludes to the ‘child of Herakles.’ Herakles (otherwise called Hercules) signifies ‘greatness/pride of the Goddess Hera.’

  1. Karras

It implies a ‘carter’ or ‘truck driver’ since the Greek root word for the family name is ‘Karo’ (truck). Karras is in this way a word related to Greek last name.

  1. Kalogeropoulos

This family name in Greek signifies ‘child of the priest’. It is gotten from the Greek expression kalogeros, which signifies ‘priest’ or ‘minister.’

  1. Katopodis

In Greek, this word signifies ‘down’ or ‘beneath.’ This last name alludes to ‘the person who fled.’

  1. Katsaros

Katsaros is a name given to an individual with wavy hair in Greek. The word itself signifies ‘wavy.’

  1. Kazan

Kazan is a decreased type of Kazandis, which signifies ‘individuals who make cauldrons.’ It is a word related family name given to individuals who make cauldrons or utilize a cauldron for the refining of ouzo or raki –   both mixed drinks.

  1. Kokkinos

The Greek last name signifies ‘the shading red.’

  1. Kalogeras

This Greek last name is gotten from ‘kalogeros,’ which implies priest.

  1. Karagiannis

This Greek last name signifies ‘dark John.’

  1. Kouris

In Greek, Kouris signifies ‘somebody who lived in the woods.’

  1. Kyriaku

It is a Greek last name, signifying ‘of the Lord.’

  1. Laskaris

In Greek, Laskaris signifies ‘a sort of fighter.’

  1. Leos

This family name is gotten from Leon, which signifies ‘Lion.’

  1. Levites

This Greek name signifies ‘child of Levi.’ Levi signifies ‘joined’ or ‘appended,’ and the word begins from Hebrew.

  1. Loukanis

This family name begins from the Greek word ‘loukanika’ which means wieners. Louganis is a word related the last name given to a butcher or a hotdog creator.

  1. Lykaios

This family name comes from the Greek word ‘Lykos,’ which means wolf.

  1. Mandrapilias

It signifies ‘made of stone’ or ‘stonewall.’ This family name is normal in the area of Sparta in Greece.

  1. Manikas

It is gotten from the Greek word ‘maniki’ which means a ‘handle’ or a ‘sleeve.’ It is a word related name given to individuals who make handles.

  1. Markopoulos

This Greek last name signifies ‘child of Mark.’ Mark is an antiquated name signifying ‘sanctified to the god Mars’ or the ‘lord of war.’

  1. Marsalis

A Greek last name of the obscure source and generally regular in the nation of Cyprus.

  1. Matsouka

This signifies ‘bat’ in Greek.

  1. Matthieu

The name alludes to the ‘child of Matthias.’ Matthias implies the ‘endowment of god.’

  1. Metaxas

This name is gotten from the Greek word, metaxy, which signifies ‘silk’ or ‘an individual who bargains in silk.’

  1. Moralis

Moralis is a Greek type of the Spanish family name ‘Spirits.’ It is probably going to be gotten from the Spanish word ‘mores,’ which means ‘mulberry trees.’

  1. Cephus

Cephus in Greek signifies ‘ God’s child who will likewise turn into a God.’

  1. Nikolaou

Nikolaou implies the ‘child of Nikolaos.’ Nikolaos signifies the ‘triumph of individuals’ in Greek.

  1. Nomikos

In Greek, ‘Nomikos’ signifies ‘identifying with the law’ or ‘lawful.’

  1. Onasis

This Greek last name signifies ‘darling.’

  1. Othonos

It is a Greek the last name got from Otto, signifying ‘abundance’ or ‘fortune.’

  1. Pachis

Pachis signifies ‘fat’ or ‘thick’ in Greek.

  1. Panagos

It is an antiquated Greek last name signifying ‘all sacred.’

  1. Pantazis

Pantazis is a Greek family name that signifies ‘in every case live’ or ‘live for eternity.’

  1. Papachristodoulopoulos

This antiquated Greek family name alludes to somebody who is a ‘relative of the Priest and Servant of Christ.’

  1. Papamichael

Papamichael implies the ‘child of a cleric named Michael.’

  1. Papatonis

This Greek last name signifies ‘a boss man.’

  1. Papazoglou

Another normal Greek family name signifying ‘child of the Priest.’

  1. Pappas

Pappas is gotten from ‘Dads,’ which signifies ‘Minister’ in Gre

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