Aakhri Tohfa by munshi premchand story

Aakhri Tohfa


Review of the story ‘Aakhri TOHFA’ by Premchand


 There was just a single such shop in the whole city, where one could discover extravagance silk sarees. And all the retailers had stepped the Congress on extravagance garments. However, Amarnath’s sweetheart had a solicitation, it was important to satisfy it. He continued meandering the shops of the city for a long time, was prepared to follow through on twofold the cost, however, he was not fruitful and his abilities continued expanding. Holi was coming. All things considered, what sari will she wear on her Holiday? It was hard for Amarnath’s pernicious pride to show his impulse before him. With his signal, he would likewise be prepared to break the stars of the sky. When finally the intention was not satisfied, they chose to go to that specific shop. They realized that the shop was being arranged. Volunteers are positioned from morning till night and there is consistently a colossal horde of exhibitions. Subsequently, an exceptional sort of good fortitude was needed to go to that shop and this boldness was not exactly important in Amarnath. There were instructed men, they were not new to public feelings, they utilized just indigenous things. In any case, he was not exceptionally parsimonious in this issue. In the event that we get indigenous, at that point, it is better or outsiders were correct – they planned to follow this guideline. Also, particularly when he had a solicitation, at that point there was no protection. He may have deferred his requirements for a couple of days, yet his solicitation is as unalterable as death. Where is the independence from that! Concluded that we will bring saree today. For what reason would it be advisable for anyone to stop? What are the rights to stop somebody? In fact, the utilization of Swadeshi is something worth being thankful for, yet what is the option to compel somebody? There is a decent opportunity battle in which the opportunity of the individual is so hardheartedly blood!

In this way reinforcing his heart, he arrived at the shop at night. Whenever seen, five volunteers are picketing and a huge number of showers are remaining out and about before the shop. Begun thinking about how to go to the shop. A few times, the heart was fortified and he went however setting off to the verandah, Dare answered.

Unexpectedly, an associate’s ministers were found. He asked – For what reason, sibling, how long will this strike require for a place? It is evening.

Panditji said – what is the significance of these hoods toward the beginning of the day and at night, till the shop is shut, they won’t prevent from here. State, mean to purchase something? You don’t accept silk fabric?

Amarnath made an impulse, saying – I don’t accept. In any case, how to maintain a strategic distance from the solicitation of ladies.

Panditji grinned and said – Wow, there isn’t anything simpler than this. Can’t evade even ladies? There are countless reasons.

Amarnath – Think of yourself as a heel. 

Panditji – what to think, here is the thing that he does day and night. Hundred and fifty heels are consistently in pockets. The lady stated, get the neckband made. Stated, take it today. Following two or four days, he stated, the goldsmith pulled off the merchandise. This is an everyday calling, sibling. Crafted by ladies is to make a decent living, crafted by men is to evade it delightfully.

Amarnath – You appear to be a researcher of this workmanship!

Panditji – what to do sibling, you need to spare. On the off chance that you offer a dry response, disgrace will be extraordinary, intensify it, they comprehend, they couldn’t care less about us. It is the situation of Abreu. You do a certain something. You more likely than not said that picketing these days?

Amarnath – Yes, it has been pardoned, sibling, however, she doesn’t tune in, she says, “Will extravagance garments have ascended from the world, fly away from me!”

Panditji – it is realized that there is a sure lady of tune. Alright, let me reveal to you thought. Take a clear card box, fill it with old garments. Proceed to let me know, I used to bring garments, the volunteers grabbed and consumed them. Why, what sort of occasion?

Amarnath – Nothing suits her. Aji will protest twenty, in the event that you get busted someplace, you need to take the disgrace of free. Panditji – you know, you are a man of the vessel and you are something to that effect. Here certain individuals do so well that even the fact of the matter is washed away. Life passed on a similar appearance and was never gotten. There is another thought. Take the local products of this example and state that it is an extravagance.

The character of Amarnath – the local and the vilayet is more to me than you and me. Wilayat won’t have faith in Vilayati soon, what is the matter of the local!

A Khadparosh Maharshi was tuning in to this discussion standing close by, he said – Oh sir, it is a basic issue, proceeds to let me know obviously that I won’t bring unfamiliar garments. In the event that you demand, don’t eat food for the duration of the day, you will come on the straightway.

Amarnath took a gander at him with certain eyes that we’re stating, you don’t have the foggiest idea about this inquiry and said – you can just do this, I can’t.

Khaddarposh – You can do it as well however would prefer not to do it. Here, among those individuals, on the off chance that you get independence from unfamiliar favors, at that point reject it.

Amarnath — so perhaps you have been picketing at home?

Khaddarposh – First you do it at home and afterward you go out, sibling.

At the point when Khaddarposh saheb disappeared, Panditji said – This sir is quicker than Tisamarkhan. Alright, do a certain something. There is a second entryway in the spot of this shop, in the event that it gets dull, at that point it will go there, don’t look towards anybody to one side.

Amarnath said thanks to Panditji and when it got dull, he came towards the terrace of the shop. Were apprehensive, there probably won’t have been an attack here. However, the ground was unfilled. Gotten in, purchased a costly sari, and came out, and a goddess was wearing a saffron sari. Seeing them, he blew up, set out to keep his foot out of the entryway. Seeing one side, he left quickly and left a hundred stages. Kamra composed, An old woman was strolling before her. You battled him. The elderly person fell and reviled – gracious hapless, this young won’t be there for quite a while, fat is shrouded in the eyes, it harms! Amarnath started to perk him up – sorry, I see little around evening time. Overlooked the specs at home The elderly person got cool, pushed ahead and you likewise went. Abruptly a voice came in the ears, “Babu sahib, simply pause” and a similar Kesariya Kapadowali Devi showed up.

Amarnath’s feet tied. Thusly, the heart is fortified as a student remains before the ace’s stick.

Goddess drew close and said – you fled as I would nibble you. It harms when you don’t comprehend your religion as an informed man. What is the state of the nation, individuals don’t get khadar, you are purchasing silk saris!

Amarnath shrugged and said — I come clean with you, Devi, I didn’t accept for myself, was the solicitation of a sahib, Devi Ji rescued a bangle once again from the sack, and said to him — I hear such words ordinary. Possibly you return it or bring me a hand-worn bangle. 

Amarnath – Wear it with diversions. I will wear it with incredible pride. The bangle is an image of the penance that describes the lives of the goddesses. The bangles were in the possession of those women whose names we actually bow with deference. I don’t think of him as a disgrace. On the off chance that you need to wear whatever else, at that point wear it with a diversion as well. A lady is an object of love, not disregard. On the off chance that a lady, who makes a network, considers wearing a bangle a pride for herself, at that point for what reason would it be a good idea for it to be a disgrace to wear a bangle for men?

Devji was astounded at her indecency, however, she was not all that handily left Amarnath. Bolin-You appears to be the lion of things. In the event that you generously think about a lady as an object of love, at that point why not acknowledge my solicitation?

Amarnath – Because this sari is additionally a lady’s solicitation.

Goddess – Well, I will go with you, simply observe what sort of lady your Goddess is.

Amarnath’s heart hurt. The poor were as yet unmarried, not on the grounds that he was not hitched, but since he considered marriage life detainment. In any case, the man was of a suggestive sort. Being isolated from marriage, he was not familiar with the fun of marriage. It was important for him to commit his affection to which he could devote his adoration, so he could revive his dry and dry life, in whose shadow he could get cold for some time, In the heart, he can spread the feelings of his congested youth and watch them develop. His visual perception picked Malti who meandered the city. Here he used to pick grains of this horse shelter for one and a half years. Deviji’s demand had mistaken him for some time. He never had such disgrace in his life. She said – today she has gone to a greeting, she won’t be at home. Deviji chuckled in dismay and said – I comprehend this isn’t your goddess’ cousin, however your cousin. Amarnath shrugged and said – I come clean with you, today he isn’t at home.

Did Goddess say – will come tomorrow?

Amarnath said – Yes, tomorrow will come.

Goddess – give me this sari and I will come here tomorrow, I will go with you. I will likewise have two to four sisters with me.


Amarnath gave the saree to Goddess with no complaint and said – awesome, I will come tomorrow. However, don’t you trust me that the security of the saree is essential?

Deviji said with a grin – the genuine article is that I don’t trust in you.

Amarnath said gladly Good thing, you take it.

Devi said after a second – perhaps you feel awful that the sari may not be lost. You continue taking it, yet tomorrow certainly comes.

Amarnath strolled towards the house without saying anything because of a sense of pride, Devi Ji continued doing ‘Jaa ja’.

Amarnath didn’t return home and went to a khaddar shop and purchased two suits of khaddar. At that point take it to your tailor and state – Khalifa, prepare it short-term, I will join garments.

The tailor said – Babu Saheb, these days there is a horde of Holi. You won’t have the option to plan before Holi.

Amarnath encouraged, “I will give a line to my mouth, however, get it tomorrow around lunchtime.” I need to go to a spot tomorrow. On the off chance that it isn’t accessible till early afternoon, at that point what will be the utilization of me.

The tailor took half sewing advance and vowed to prepare it tomorrow.

Amarnath persuaded from here, went towards Malti. The means used to go ahead however the heart continued lingering behind. Oh dear, he acknowledges his request so much that tomorrow, for two hours, lights up his abandoned house! Obviously, she will dismiss her face with practically nothing, won’t talk legitimately, what is there to specify. There is just a single craziness. So come and recount all your humiliating stories to Deviji tomorrow? The benevolent offer of that guiltless face was creating a ruckus in his heart. How genuine were those eyes, how much compassion, how much virtue! Such was the motivation of Karma in his basic words, that Amarnath was feeling embarrassed about his sense-cherishing life. Till now, the bits of glass were considered precious stones and were appended to the chest. Today he came to realize who is known as a precious stone. That piece appeared to be scorned before him. The wizardry filled Chittavan of Malti, the sweet treats of her, her adventures, and fits of rage were completely found in their genuine face after the moolamas took off and were making scorn in Amarnath’s heart. He was going towards Malati, not to see her, but rather to take her heart from her hands. The homeless person of adoration was encountering a weird hesitance inside himself today. He asked why he was so careless up to this point. The Tiles that Malti had attached with long periods of sentimentality, jollity, was torn by some touch today.

Malti gazed at them flat broke and offered them sarees – if she brought a sari?

Amarnath reacted in a way of aloofness – no.


Malti took a gander at them with shock – no! She was not used to hearing this word from his mouth. Here he had discovered total devotion. His signal was like the destiny content for Amarnath. Why –

Amarnath – Why not, didn’t bring it.

Malti – won’t be found on the lookout. For what reason did you get it, and for me.

Amarnath – No sir, I got it however didn’t bring it.

Malti – Last explanation? Used to take cash from me.

Amarnath – you consume the quietness. I was prepared beyond words. Malti – at that point perhaps you are more cherishing than cash?

Amarnath – will you let me sit or not? On the off chance that Amar despises my face, at that point disappear!

Malti – what has befallen you today, you were one moment?

Amarnath – You are just talking this way.

Malti – at that point why not bring my things?

Amarnath, taking a gander at her with incredible bravery, said – went to the shop, gotten the jewelry, and left with a sari and was grabbed by a lady. I stated, if my significant other has a solicitation, I offer her I will go to your home tomorrow.

Taking a gander at the wicked eyes, Malti said – So state that you were taking your heart back. Taken a gander at a lady and stepped on her feet!

Amarnath – She isn’t one of those ladies who live in the heart.

Malti – will there be a goddess?

Amarnath – I think of her as a goddess.

Malti – will you love that goddess?

For a wanderer youngster like Amarnath, the entryways of that sanctuary are shut.

Will Malti be exceptionally lovely?

Amarnath is neither delightful, nor lovely, nor such acts, nor sweet language, nor twangy. Totally a reasonably honest young lady. In any case, what would I be able to do when she grabs the sari from my hand. My dad didn’t decline to take the sari off his hand. Move you, what might she say in the heart?

Malti – So you care more about what she will say in her heart. I couldn’t have cared less what I would state! In the event that a man grabs anything from my hand, I will see, regardless of whether it is another cupid.

Amarnath – Now think of it as my weakness, regardless of whether it needs mental fortitude, whether it is dishonorable, I was unable to grab it from his hand.

Malti – at that point tomorrow she will bring a saree, why?

Amarnath will come.

Go to Malati and wash your face. You were so uninformed I didn’t realize that. She accompanied a sari and now tomorrow she will come to offer it to you! A few breaks have not eaten!

Amarnath – Well, it will be tried tomorrow, for what reason do you act up from now. You stroll to my home for some time at night.

Malti – To whom you state this is my significant other!

Amarnath – What was the news to me that she would be prepared to go to my home, or, more than likely somebody would have rationalized.

Malti – So your sari is cheerful, I don’t go.

Amarnath – I go to your home each day, you can’t stroll for a day?

Malti said mercilessly – if the open door comes, okay prefer to be called my significant other? Put your hands on the heart.


Amarnath was cut off in the heart, while talking, he said – you are doing bad form to me. Try not to mind, notwithstanding demonstrating adoration and love among me and you, there was a drapery of separation. We both saw each other’s condition and didn’t attempt to eliminate this window ornament. This blind was a fundamental state of our relationship. There was a business arrangement between us. We were both reluctant to go into his profundities. No, I was apprehensive and didn’t have any desire to go purposely. On the off chance that I had accepted that by making you a day to day existence buddy, I would have the option to get all that I believe myself to be correct, I would have begged you till now! However, you never minded imparting this faith in my heart. You have this uncertainty about me, I can’t state, I have not allowed you to question it and I can say that I can be a superior spouse than you can be a wife. I just need here and more weight and more material things for you. My lasting pay isn’t in excess of 500, you won’t be happy with this. All I require is this recreation that you are mine and just mine. The state is acknowledged.

Malti felt frustrated about Amarnath. She was unable to deny reality filled in her words. He additionally became persuaded that the feet of Amarnath’s dedication would not falter. She had such a great amount of trust in herself that she could hold her solid with a rope, yet she was unable to get ready herself when she was held. Her life was spent in adoration, in a presentation of affection. She here and there used to stroll in this, occasionally in that branch, Backed, Azad, Band. Could the winged creature remain secured in the pen whose tongue has gotten familiar with various types of fun? Would she be able to be happy with dry bread? This inclination made him soften. Offer – Today you are showering enormous information?

Amarnath – I have just said the truth.

Malti – well I will go tomorrow, however, I won’t remain there for over 60 minutes.

Amarnath’s heart was loaded up with appreciation. Said-I is appreciative of you Malti. Presently my dad will be spared. Else, it gets hard for me to go out. Presently it is to be perceived how flawlessly you play out your part.

Malti – Be relaxed close by. Didn’t wed yet have seen the wedding. However, I am apprehensive you are not undermining me. Shouldn’t something be said about men?

Amarnath said with a specific disposition – No, you don’t have any uncertainty, it is outlandish. In the event that it was the longing to put on the seat legs, it would have been put sooner or later Then where should the desires of desire pass from me.


The following day Amarnath arrived at the tailor shop at ten o’clock and got dressed by riding on his head. At that point got back home wearing new garments and went to call Malti. It was late there He typified such strain that today there is a lot greater front.

Amarnath said – It isn’t such a wonderful stunner that you are getting ready to such an extent. 


Malti said while brushing her hair – you can’t comprehend these things, sit unobtrusively.

Amarnath – But time is slipping away.

Malti – Never mind.

That intrinsic dread of dread, which is normal for ladies, made Malti considerably more ready. Till now, he never had any uncommon graciousness towards Amarnath. She used to treat him with extraordinary aloofness. In any case, yesterday, she was educated regarding an emergency because of Amarnath’s break and she needed to counter that emergency with her full force. It is hard for ladies to think about the foe as immaterial and unholy. Today, she was reinforcing her grasp, keep Amarnath separate from her hand. On the off chance that such things are forgotten about individually, at that point how long would he be able to keep up his standing? For what reason would it be advisable for anyone to raise an eye towards what is in his ownership? The ruler likewise loses life behind each finger. She needed to eliminate this new tracker from her way until the end of time. Needed to break her spell.

At night, she went to Amarnath’s home with her house cleaner and worker like a holy messenger. By ten AM, Amarnath had spent the manly house in giving the shade of liberality. Such arrangements were made as though an official planned to review. At the point when Malti ventured into the house, she was glad to see its neatness and design. There were numerous seats in the Zenana partition. Offer – Now bring your Goddess yet come soon. Else, I will leave.

Amarnath went to the pressed extravagance shop. Needed to picket even today. A similar horde of exhibitions. Goddess isn’t there. At the point when we moved in reverse, Devi was remaining in a similar mask as a young lady.

Amarnath said – Sorry, I am late. I have come to help you to remember your guarantee.

Goddess said – I was hanging tight for you. Please Sumitra, go to your home. How long is it

Amarnath – extremely close. I will do a tanga

Amarnath arrived at home with the two of them in a short time. Malti saw Deviji and Deviji called Malti. One was a royal residence of an aristocrat, sumptuous; The second was a cabin of a fakir, little and inconsequential. In the castle of the aristocrats, there was richness and execution, effortlessness and tidiness in the fakir’s hovel. Malti saw that she is a credulous young lady who can’t be called wonderful in any capacity. However, the appeal she had in her naivety and straightforwardness, she was unable to live without being intrigued. Deviji additionally saw a rabbit haired and haughty lady who, for reasons unknown or the other, is feeling odd in the house as though a wild creature has entered the pen.

Amarnath stood like a culprit with his head bowed and was appealing to God to by one way or another keep the drapery on today. Devi said when she came – sister, you are likewise wearing unfamiliar garments from head to toe?


Taking a gander at Amarnath, Malti said – I don’t succumb to unfamiliar and homegrown. The individuals who bring it, I wear it. They will bring, I go to the market a tad.

Devi took a gander at Amarnath with grumbling eyes and said – You used to state that this is his solicitation, however, your deficiency came out.

Malti – Don’t utter a word to them before me. You can converse with other men in the market as well, when they go out, hear them out as much as you need. I would prefer not to hear with my ears.

Goddess – I don’t utter a word and sister, what would I be able to state, there is no pressure, I can simply ask.

Malti – This implies that they have no clue about the benefit of their nation, you have taken their agreement. There are taught men, ten men are regarded, they can think about their benefit and misfortune. What might you venture to sit to show them, or you are the wisest?

Devi: You misjudge what I mean, sister.

Malti, I will see wrong, from where should I get such insight to comprehend the importance of your words! Khaddar’s sari stepped up, hung the sack, got an identification, quite recently, any place he needs to go back and forth, to which he needs to snicker, nobody asks at home, what dread of prison I believe it to be hooliganism, which sometimes falls short for the little girl’s in-law of Sharifs.

Amarnath was being cut in the heart. Needed to discover the bill to stow away. There was little power on Devi’s grasp, however, the eyes were hanging.

Amarnath said to Malti in a boisterous voice – Why do quietness hurt anybody’s heart? These women are accomplishing this work by leaving their rest, would you say you are not mindful of it by any means?

Leave it alone, don’t adulate excessively. The shade of the world is changing, what will I do and what will you do. You men have detained ladies in the house so gravely that today they have left the ceremonies, disgrace, and disgrace, and in a couple of days, your standard of issues is demolished. Unfamiliar and unfamiliar are intended to be seen, truth be told, it is the longing for the opportunity that you appreciate. In the event that you can do two or four relationships, at that point why not a lady! The genuine article is, in the event that you have eyes, presently open your eyes. I don’t need that opportunity. Here Laz conveys and I consider Sharm-haya as my vocalist.


Deviji took a gander at Amarnath with the eyes of Fariyad and said – The sister has pledged to attack ladies. I had brought high expectations, yet presumably should fizzle from here.

Giving that sari to him, Amarnath said – No, you won’t go totally fruitlessly, truly, it won’t be as you sought after progress.

Malti said in stunningness – she is my sari, you can’t offer it to her.

Amarnath said while being timid, beneficial thing, I won’t give it. Devi, in such a circumstance, you will most likely pardon me. At the point when Devi disappeared, Amarnath changed the tears and said – today you put a residue in my mouth. You are so discourteous and rude, I didn’t have a clue.

Malti said in an enraged voice – would she have given her sari to him? I didn’t play such crude pills. Presently I am an awful man as well, an awful man, there was not one of these indecencies on that day when my shoes used to be straight? This vixen put an alarm. Heavenly attendant like soul. congrats.

Malti came out saying this. She had perceived that by running her tongue and with the quality she would oust the young lady yet when she came to realize that Amarnath was not going to be effectively controlled, she reprimanded. In the event that Amarnath could get these costs, at that point, it was not awful. She was unable to pay more than that for him.

Amarnath went to the entryway with her when she sat on the shoulder and asked, saying, “Don’t give this sari, don’t give it, I will present to you a superior sari tomorrow.”

Be that as it may, Malti abruptly said – presently this sari can not give even 1,000,000 rupees.

Amarnath changed the appropriate response by saying – Good thing, take it yet comprehend this is my last blessing.

Malti said with a lip-care. I won’t kick the bucket without you, I guarantee you that!

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