America: The Story of Us America Story

America: The Story of Us

America: The Story of Us also known internationally as America Story of America is a 12 part 4 hour documentary drama television miniseries that premiered on April 25, 2010, in history. Newtopia-produced programs More than 400 years of American history American construction of new technologies has had an impact on the history of the nation and has emphasized the implications the world has had. It extends from the successful English settlement of Jamestown starting in 1607 to the present day. The series, described by Danny Webb for Liv Schreiber International Edition, has recreated many historical events using actors dressed in the style of the period and computer-generated special effects. Critics received mixed reviews from critics but it attracted no special audience broadcast by the channel to date.




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No. Title Original airdate U.S. viewers
(in millions)
1                 Rebels April 25, 2010 5.674
From Jamestown to Plymouth, early pioneers battle for endurance. Tobacco plants the seeds of chance the north turns into a force to be reckoned with of exchange. Strain tax collection and obstruction cause the American pioneers to start doing what many think about difficult to effectively oppose the British Crown.
2 Revolution April 25, 2010 5.674

George Washington’s armed force is close to overcoming however new weapons and fight strategies reverse the situation. The states proclaim autonomy from the British. Manufactured through unrest another country is conceived.

3 Westward May 2, 2010 3.881
Trailblazing pioneers set out to overcome the west in the mid-nineteenth century however discover the land previously involved. Cart trains meet difficulty making progress toward California’s gold. The steamer introduces another period of business industry and remarkable riches.
4 Division May 2, 2010 3.881
Trade and industry flourish over the new country, presently one of the wealthiest on the planet. The Erie Canal brings enormous hazards and greater prizes. In the South cotton is the top dog however subjection powers a developing partition. Savagery flares over the regions and abolitionists hold fast for the opportunity. The appointment of Abraham Lincoln is an impetus of war.
5 Civil War May 9, 2010 3.281

The American Civil War seethes. The imposing Confederate armed force can’t coordinate the Union’s authority of innovation railways producing limit flexibly lines and the message become new weapons in an advanced war.

6 Heartland May 9, 2010 3.281
The Transcontinental Railroad joins the country and changes the American Heartland. Local American human advancements decrease as ranchers settle the mainland. Steers supplant wild bison as lord of the Great Plains. The cowpoke turns into another American symbol.
7 Cities May 16, 2010 TBA
Americans overcome another wilderness the cutting-edge city, with Andrew Carnegie’s realm of steel as its spine. High rises and the Statue of Liberty are images of the American Dream for many outsiders. Urban life presents another variety of social ills making a few strong people persevere.
8 Boom May 16, 2010 TBA

America strikes oil and the blast time starts. Henry Ford carries the motorcar to the majority and the country takes off. Enormous designing tasks modernize the American West. Planned to fix bad habit Prohibition fills the development of composed wrongdoing in expanding urban areas just as boundless homebrew creation and smuggling in numerous rustic territories and sneaking around the Great Lakes.

9 Bust May 23, 2010 2.759
Blast goes to bust when the financial exchange crashes. The Great Depression and the Dust Bowl cover the country in obscurity. President Franklin D. Roosevelts New Deal signals recuperation while the fighter Joe Louis beats racial debates to help bring America’s pride back.
10 World War II May 23, 2010 2.759

The assault on Pearl Harbor brings America into World War II. The war exertion revives the countries economy. American advancement and assembling fortify the Allies in Europe and in the Pacific atomic weapons help end the war. Another worldwide superpower makes that big appearance.

11 Superpower May 31, 2010 TBA
America turns into a worldwide superpower innovation energizes a blast in the economy and the populace. American pioneers overcome new outskirts from the fly age to the space age and see another danger Communism.
12 Millennium May 31, 2010 TBA
The Cold War is the principal test for the new superpower. The Space Shuttle Challenger calamity and the September 11 assaults are disasters that challenge the country. From the TV to the charge card and the PC innovation drives America into the 21st Century.



Coming up next are analysts who show up on the miniseries (recorded in sequential order request):

Buzz Aldrin – previous space explorer and second individual to go to the Moon.
David Baldacci – top of the line American author.
Tony Bennett – artist.
Michael Bloomberg – previous Mayor of New York City.
William Bodette – Marine first sergeant.
Anthony Bourdain – American culinary specialist and essayist.
Henry W. Brands – Historian and Professor of History at the University of Texas at Austin.
Tom Brokaw – Journalist and previous grapple of NBC Nightly News.
Albert Camarillo – History teacher, Stanford University.
Margaret Cho – Comedian, on-screen character, and dissident.
Sean “Diddy” Combs – Record maker, rapper, on-screen character, and men’s style originator.
Sheryl Crow – Singer-lyricist, artist, and on-screen character.
Michael Douglas – Actor and maker.
Melissa Etheridge – Singer-lyricist.
Henry Louis Gates Jr. – Harvard University teacher.
Annette Gordon-Reed – Pulitzer Prize-winning American history specialist and law educator.
Tim Gunn – Creative chief of Liz Claiborne and previous tutor on Project Runway.
Sean Hannity – American radio/TV have and political analyst.
Rick Harrison – Co-proprietor of the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop.
Bruce Jenner – American Olympic Gold Medalist and unscripted television figure.
Steven Berlin Johnson – American famous science creator.
David Kennedy – American student of history.
John Lasseter – American artist, a boss inventive official of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios.
John Legend – Recording craftsman, artist, and on-screen character.
Richard Machowicz – Former Navy SEAL, weapons master, and host of Future Weapons.
Bill Maher – Political pundit and humorist, and the host of Real-Time.
Joseph Marinaccio – American business head honcho, organizer, and CEO of Slam Content.
Barack Obama – The then President of the United States of America (presents the film).
Soledad O’Brien – American columnist and CNN figure.
I. M. Pei – Chinese-brought into the world American engineer.
David Petraeus – United States Army general and former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.
Colin Powell – previous Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Al Sharpton – Baptist serve and social liberties lobbyist.
Richard Slotkin – Olin Professor of English and American investigations at Wesleyan University.
Richard Norton Smith – American history specialist and creator having some expertise in US presidents.
Martha Stewart – Business head honcho, media figure, creator, and magazine distributor.
Michael Strahan – Former NFL football player.
Meryl Streep – Academy Award-winning entertainer.
Donald Trump – Businessman and future 45th President of the United States of America.
Jimmy Wales – Co-author of Wikipedia.
Vera Wang – American style fashioner.
Brian Williams – Former stay and overseeing supervisor of NBC Nightly News.



The narrative got a 60% endorsement rating from Many scrutinized the arrangement for having such a large number of superstars express their sentiments about the United States as opposed to having history specialists give more knowledge and information about specific periods and occasions.

Pundits lauded the arrangement ability to wrestle with a portion of the troublesome issues in US history including African subjugation, racial isolation, and the decimation of the Native Americans. Mary McNamara of the Los Angeles Times composed that America: The Story of Us appears to draw its motivation from Fox’s 24 and the E Channel. She proceeds with the primary hour, maker Jane Root appears to be increasingly fascinated by her capacity to invoke, in great CG the lifecycle of a tobacco plant or the one step at a time development of New Amsterdam than anything so dull as clarifying the complexities of genuine history.

Pundits, by and large, remarked that CGI impacts were abused, as were stereotypical soundbites and overstatement that appeared to be proposed to move the story along. Tom Shales of The Washington Post discovered seven redundancies of the thought that “What occurred next would change the course of US history always” inside the principal scene, and commented Possibly everything that happens changes the course of something. Or on the other hand, possibly nothing that happens changes the course of anything. Essentially saying ‘everything changed everlastingly’ is actually a substitute for intuition, not a case of it, yet then ‘America: The Story of Us’ is fundamentally a sorry excuse for a narrative—regardless of whether it prevails on the shallow degree of, state, an Astro light.

Outperformed by the arrangement The Bible which accumulated more than 13 million watchers of its first scene America: The Story of US was viewed by 5.7 million all-out watchers for its first scene and drew a 4.0 family evaluation. Related to the communication the History channel propelled its biggest instructive effort activity offering an arrangement DVD to each school and licensed school in the United States.

America: The Story of Us has been assigned for four Emmy Awards for the scene Division which followed the developing pressures between the North and South, just as differences between the ranch and urban economies. The assignments were in the classifications for verifiable programming of Outstanding Cinematography, Outstanding Picture Editing, Outstanding Sound Editing, and Outstanding Writing.

Universal release


An Australian arrangement dependent on the American arrangement, named Australia: The Story of Us disclosed on February 25 2015 on the Seven Network.

A 10 scene Canadian arrangement entitled Canada: The Story of Us, disclosed from March-May 2017 on the CBC.
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