Corruption: Corruption is a social problem

Corruption: Corruption is a social problem
Corruption: Corruption is a social problem

Preface –

There is a flood of problems in India at this time. Not only political, religious, but the personal and family environment is also surrounded by problems, and grappling with it, the humanity surrounded by these problems is dying day by day. Buildings are being built. Factories are coming up. The crowd is increasing, but humans are losing, becoming smaller. Because the atmosphere of corruption is spreading everywhere, its Gala is being strangled. It is right that according to human psychology, there has always been a sad and sad tradition in humans. But when the Assad story is large, corruption flourishes.


The meaning of corruption –

The word corruption + ethics is made up of the sum of two words. The word ‘corrupt’ means the impaired means of poor quality. ‘Pickle’ means conduct. In other words, corruption refers to reprehensible conduct, in which a person forgets his duty and gains unfairly.


Birth of corruption

Incidents of corruption have been heard in India since ancient times. Corrupt officials are mentioned in Chanakya’s Arthashastra. After that, as far as the Gupta Empire and the Mughal Empire are concerned, its end was due to its corrupt and tyrannical officers. But the biggest increase in corruption has come after the establishment of the East India Company. At first, the English corrupted the Indian officers to cut off the suvigha for themselves. After that, when India became independent and established its own rule of Indians, they themselves continued to expand this tradition.


The main reasons for the increase in corruption –

There are many reasons for the increase of corruption, among them the taste of power which is gained by the politicians. Lord Acton says that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts. The situation in India seems to be completely true. Selfishness and desire is the root cause of this disease. Apart from this, there are other reasons – the lack of resources of the people of Ajivia, the rapid increase in population, the increase in fashion, the lack of willingness, maintaining false words, the rapid rise in inflation, and social evils like dowry. , Rapid spread of big meals, etc. In this materialistic era, human reaction is willing to collect money. That is why he says to get money by adopting corrupt methods, to increase corruption is not the work of the political cast. Political pulses get money and support in many different ways. In India, corruption is increasing rapidly due to these reasons.


Political and corruption –

Today India’s politics is completely corrupt. The business class has the biggest hand in giving rise to political corruption. They get ten times more princely funds than they see. On one hand, it promotes political corruption and on the other hand, it has the opposite effect on friendship and society. Therefore, the business class resorts to all means like adulteration, molestation, and profit-making, etc. for their benefit. And the establishment experiences difficulty and reluctance to stop it. Apart from this, administrative corruption is also completely prevalent in India, the police are the leading leader in administrative corruption. But the new facts have just come out, it shows that the largest administrative service of the country, I.A. s. The officers of the government were also not untouched by corrupt conduct and bribery. Prices of evil and evil come from above. ‘As Raja and Praja’ is an old saying. When the leaders are unaware, evil and bribery, how can they expect good conduct from their subordinate employees? The case of Bofors cannons has not cooled yet. Some hawala scandal, some fodder scam, and giving financial subsidy to select ones, and recruiting only one caste in police hair are examples of corruption.


Forms of corruption –

Today corruption appears in two forms – government machinery and individuals as a community. Today, human beings are running behind material comforts at a very fast pace. He has lost the conscience of good and bad in worrying about getting those pleasures. He continues to worry about how to get personal interest and benefits. To overcome this concern, resorting to morality leads to immorality. While this work is completely opposite to the human body, yet it is bound to do so. All the employees, big or small, government or non-government, are engaged in accumulating wealth to make their life more enjoyable and luxurious. For this, they resort to all kinds of immoral activities. Then corruption is the result of our self-assertion and self-interest. That is, it promotes corruption.


Results of corruption –

Without a bribe, the fine does not reach from one table to another, getting a license is even more difficult. A man cannot build his own house on his land, he cannot get drinking water and electricity, unless the concerned clerk, junior engineer, is happy. On the contrary, four four-story buildings are built on government land. Regarding which field, education is considered to be the most sacred area, but in India, it has its worst condition.


Measures to remove corruption –

Principles such as religion, morals, and virtue should be adopted to prevent corruption. First of all, we should be determined to eradicate corruption. To avoid social diseases like corruption, we should preach spirituality instead of materiality. If every educated person is given employment, then he will not have to remain corrupt to live. The intervention of politicians in daily administration has to be stopped. Reduction in population, increase in materiality and selfishness and political politics of the government will have to be brought and inflation will have to end.


Epilogue –

We have to crush the demon-like corruption quickly. If we are not able to do this, the result will be that violent, antisocial, and chaotic elements will start to do their own arbitrariness all around and the situation will get out of control. Therefore, we need to do war-like work to free life from corruption. Corruption is a diagnosis of disease – the cure of the mind. It will be healthy only when animals and animals that lead the mind towards corruption from outside and outside enjoy a life abandoned by the senses.


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