Credit meaning in Hindi


Credit meaning in Hindi
Credit meaning in Hindi









credit – उधार

Usage: No credit is given at the shop.

credit – बैंक के खाते मे जमा राशि

Usage: I have a credit balance of Rs 2000.

credit – बैंक द्वारा उधार दी गयी राशि

Usage: The bank refused to give further loans to the factories.

credit – ख्याति नेकनामी

Usage: A retired general is a man of the highest credit.

credit – विश्वास भरोसा

Usage: He is a credit to teachers.

credit – श्रेय लेना

Usage: Police take the credit for saving the public by their skill.

credit – श्रेय देना

Usage: We credited him for saving his job
Usage: I give you credit for saving my life

credit – विश्वास दिलाना

Uses: Cheetahs have generally been credited as the world’s fast animals.

credit – मान्यता

Uses: If you win the first prize, will you take credit for it?

credit – किसी खाते में जमा करना

Usage: Credit to their account with Rs 200.


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