Moral of the story Pariksha by Premchand


Moral of the story Pariksha by Premchand


Premchand resses the female caste through this story and encourages them to save their family, society, and country. According to him, women definitely live in homes. But even behind the scenes, she has so much power that one caste, one religion one society, and one country can give new thinking, progress, and speed to development.


Pariksha summary


Sardar Sujan Singh, the Diwan of the princely state of Deogarh, remembered the divine when he was old. Going and pleading with Maharaj that Deenbandhu! Das served Mr. President for forty years, now my condition has also changed, no longer have the power to govern. If you make a mistake somewhere and blot it in old age. May the good news of all life be found in the soil.

Raja Saheb used to respect his naive tactful diwan. He explained a lot, but when Diwan Saheb refused, he gave up and accepted his prayer, but conditioned that you would have to find a new Diwan for the princely state.

On the second day, an advertisement came out in the famous letters of the country that a qualified divan is needed for Deogarh. A qualified gentleman who understands the job very well is present in the service of the present government Sujan Singh. It is not necessary that they are graduates, but it is necessary to be strong, there is no need for the patient of mental retardation to suffer even here. The living, ethics, and thoughts of the candidates will be taken care of for a month. Less of knowledge, but more of duty will be considered. Those who will complete this exam will be elevated to this high position.

This advertisement created panic in the entire country. Such a high position and no incarceration? It is just a game of luck. Hundreds of men walked to test their fate. New and colorful humans started appearing in Deogarh. A fair of candidates descended from each train. Some used to travel from Punjab, some from Madras, some a lover of new fashion, some were erased on old simplicity. Pundits and clerics also got an opportunity to test their fate. The poor cried in the name of Sanad, there was no need for it here. Colorful Emme, choice, and maternal types of tunics and can top began to show their beauty in Devgarh. But the most special number was from the graduates because even after the absence of sanad, the curtain remains covered with the sand.

Sardar Sujan Singh had made a very good arrangement for the hospitality of these dignitaries. People used to count the days of the month as regular Muslims sitting in their rooms. Every man tried to show his life in good form according to his intelligence. Mr. A used to sleep till nine o’clock in the day, nowadays he used to visit Usha while walking in the garden. Mr. B was addicted to hookah, nowadays many nights he closed the door and used to drink sugar in the dark. Mr. Servants were plaguing their homes with D&S, but these gentlemen did not interact with the servants these days without ‘Aap’ and ‘Sir’. Monsieur was an atheist, worshiper of Huxley, but nowadays, due to his piety, the temple priests feared to be dismissed! Mr. L was disgusted with the book, but nowadays he was immersed in reading and reading big books. With whom to talk, he seemed to be the god of humility and virtue. Sharma used to read the Vedas and mantras from the night, and Maulvi Saheb had no work except Namaz and Talawat. People used to think that there is a mess of a month, cut off somehow, if the work is completed, then who asks, but that old jeweler of humans was sitting in the garb, seeing where the swan is hidden in these herons.

One day the new fashionistas thought that there should be a game of hockey among themselves. The proposal was presented by the hockey players. This too is a discipline. Why hide it It is possible that some hands cleaning can work. Let’s get fixed, the field is made, the game starts and the ball stumbles like an office handyman.

This game was absolutely unique in the princely state of Devgarh. The educated goodmen played serious games like chess and playing cards. The sports of running were considered to be children’s games.

The game continued with great enthusiasm. When the people of the raider used to fly fast with the ball, it seemed that a wave would go on growing. But the players on the other side used to stop this rising wave as if it was an iron wall.

It was pomp until the evening. People became sweaty. The heat of the blood was reflected from the eyes and face. The gasps went breathless, but the decision to win or lose was not made.

It had become dark. Just a short distance away from this ground was a stream. There was no bridge over it. The pilgrims had to walk through the drain. The game had just stopped and the sportsmen were sitting and gasping that a farmer came to the drain carrying a cart full of grain, but there was mud in the drain and some of his climbs were so high that the car could not climb up. He sometimes dared the bulls, sometimes covered the wheels by hand, but the burden was more and the bull was weak. Even if the car did not climb up and climbed, it would climb some distance and then slipped and reached the bottom. The farmer used to repeatedly force and repeatedly kill the bulls, but the car does not bear the name of emergence. Poor look around and despair, but there is no help. Leaving the car alone cannot go anywhere. Was stuck in a big objection. In the meantime, the players came out from there roaming around with sticks in their hands. The farmer looked at him with bewildered eyes but never dared to ask for help from anyone. The players also looked at him but with closed eyes who lacked sympathy. They had an interest, an item, but there was no name for generosity and love, but in the same group there was a man who had compassion and courage in his heart. Today, playing hockey, he suffered a leg injury. He used to walk slowly. Suddenly his gaze fell on the car. Stung. On seeing the appearance of the farmer, everything became known. The stick kept an edge. Removed the coat and went to the farmer and said, should I remove your car?

The farmer saw a tall man with an upright body standing in front. He bowed down and said – Huzoor, how do I tell you? The young man said it seems, you have been stuck here for a long time. Okay, you go to the car and help the bulls, I cover the wheels, now the car goes up.

The farmer sat on the cart. The young man instigated the wheel. The mud was too much. He fell to his knees in the ground but did not lose courage. He again insisted, the farmer challenged the bulls. The bulls got support, they got courage, they bowed their shoulders once, and then the car was on the drain.

The farmer stood with folded hands in front of the young man. Said- Maharaj, you have saved me today, otherwise, I would have to sit here all night.

The young man laughed and said now give me some reward the farmer said seriously if you want narayan then you will get crazy.

The young man looked closely at the farmer. There was a doubt in his mind, is it not Sujan Singh? The voice is found, the face is also the same. The farmer also looked at him with a sharp eye. Perhaps his heart’s suspicion was realized. Smilingly said – Pearls are obtained only by entering deep water.

Diagnosis month complete. Election day arrived. Candidates were eager to hear their fate from early in the morning. The day turned into a mountain. There were shades of hope and despair on each face. Do not know, whose fate will wake up today! Do not know who will have Lakshmi’s blessings.

The court of King Sahab was decorated in the evening. The rich and wealthy people of the city, the state employees, and the group of courtiers and civil candidates, all dressed in colorful, come to the court! The hearts of the candidates were beating.

When Sardar Sujan Singh stood up and said – My civilian candidate, dear ladies! Forgive me for the trouble you have given me. This post required a man who had compassion in his heart and self-confidence. The heart that is generous, the self-confident one who faces objection with valor, and fortunately for this princely state, we have found such a man. Those with such qualities are few in the world and those who are, are sitting on the crest of fame and honor, we do not have access to them. I congratulate the princely state on receiving Pandit Jankinath-a Diwan.

The staff and nobles of the princely state looked at Jankinath. The eyes of the candidate party rose there, but there was hospitality in those eyes, jealousy in these eyes.

Sardar Saheb again ordered – You will have no objection in accepting that a man who, despite being injured himself, can take out a carriage of a poor farmer from the marsh and climb it over the drain, in his heart of courage, self-confidence and generosity Is inhabited. Such a man will never persecute the poor. His determination is firm which will keep his mind stable. He may be deceived, but will never depart from mercy and religion.

The story Pariksha presents the message


Through the story, Premchand wants to give a message in the society that the country whose people are lost in enjoyment, its end is certain. It is true that a woman, society, and family are responsible for the education and education of a woman. He is in the hands of his family, society, and country. If he goes out of his way, no one can save the downfall of family, society, and country.



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