My thoughts feelings story IDGAH by Munshi Premchand


My thoughts and feelings on the story IDGAH by Munshi Premchand

IDGAH by Munshi Premchand –


Idgah is an account of a 4-year vagrant kid Hamid who lives with his grandma Amina. Premchand has better depicted the soul of this youngster in his story Idgah. Hamid, the protagonist of the story, has lost his family members and he is upset. His mature grandma Amina satisfies their everyday needs by doing some embroidery for other people. His grandma has disclosed to him that exceptionally soon his dad and mom, who is, in reality, dead, will get back with heaps of cash, desserts, and presents for him from the place of Allah. He is loaded with trust and joyfully anticipating that day.

The story starts on Eid ‘celebration’ morning, poor Hamid doesn’t have new garments or shoes as other kids had. He has just three paise (next to no cash) as Idi for the celebration, to spend at a reasonable. His companions spend their pocket cash on rides, confections, and purchasing delightful brilliant earth toys (Bhishti, attorney, cop, and a milkmaid). Hamid excuses this as a misuse of cash for transitory delight. While his companions are having fun, he conquers his enticement and goes to a handyman store to purchase a couple of utensils. He recollects how his Grandmother consumes her hand while cooking rotis (Indian flatbread).

The story closes on a contacting note when Hamid endowments the chimta to his Grandmother. From the start, she is stunned and irritated by his ineptitude that as opposed to eating anything or purchasing any toy at the reasonable, he has bought a chimta. Yet, at that point, Hamid helps her to remember how she consumes her fingers every day while making Rotis. She begins crying uncontrollably at this and favors him for his graciousness.


This story tells about –

Love – The deep love between Hamid and his grandmother.

Parenthood – The manner in which Amina backs her grandson with adoration and warmth.

Care – Amina works in different homes so that at any rate she can satisfy the necessities of Hamid.

Penance – The little fellow Hamid comprehend it quite well, he didn’t accept anything for him and purchase a couple of utensils for his grandma.

– He didn’t accepting earth toys, didn’t eat desserts and confections, didn’t ride despite the fact that he was cheerful.

Bliss – Both were living in outrageous destitution in spite of they were cheerful.

Thoughtfulness – Hamid didn’t consider his requirements rather he wanted that his Grandmother didn’t consume her hand while cooking rotis. 

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