Poos Ki Raat by Munshi Premchand

Poos Ki Raat by Munshi Premchand


Poos Ki Raat


In the story ‘Poos Ki Raat’, through Halku, the narrator has given a sensible depiction of the defenselessness of the Indian rancher. It was numerous years back. In one of the towns of North India, a helpless rancher named Halku lived with his better half. Used to develop in somebody’s territory. However, the pay was nothing. His significant other used to leave cultivating and requested to work elsewhere. Others were developed on Halku’s Lagaan bolt. The proprietor of the record was falling behind financially. Halku requested three rupees from his better half. The spouse wouldn’t give, these three rupees were put away to purchase covers to maintain a strategic distance from winter evenings. Dreading the proprietor’s scorn and the maltreatments, he gave them three rupees. The zamindar disappeared with the cash. Crap’s month has come. It was a dull night. It was a virus winter. Halku was lying on a bamboo post under the umbrella of saw leaves on one side of his field. His old bedsheet was gagging. His pet canine set down under the bed. He excessively was nippy with cold. Halku felt frustrated about his condition. He told Jabra that currently, it is very cold, what would I like to do? What was the need of coming here? ‘Hulku held conversing with the canine for quite a while. At the point when he was unable to rest because of the cool, he put the canine to bed. Halku got delighted from his body heat. A couple of hours passed. In the wake of getting a sound, he kicked up and off yelping. He trusted in his obligation. There was a mango plantation close to Halku’s field. Stacked leaves in the nursery, went to the close by Arhar field and brought numerous plants evacuated. He smoothed it and went to his field and smoked the leaves there as well. Both Hulku and the canine lit the fire. He was unable to conceal the triumph pride in the heart by vanquishing the massive intensity of the cold. He nods off wearing a cover. Simultaneously, he began woofing in the wake of drawing near. A gathering of individuals went to the homestead. Maybe there was a crowd of indigo cows. The energy of his hopping was coming in the ears. At that point, it became realized that she is munching in the field. Jabra continued yapping. In any case, Hulku didn’t want to get up. Jabra woofed. Was. Indigo bovines used to clear out the fields. Also, Halku was sitting quite close to the hot remains and gradually fell on the bed and dozed. The udder indigo bovines had brushed for the time being and demolished the whole harvest. He woke up promptly in the first part of the day. Munni said to him – ‘.. You came here and went Rum. What’s more, there the entire field was wrecked. ‘Both drew close to the field. Munni said, unfortunately – presently she should take care of. Halku said – “You won’t need to rest here in the cold of the night.” There is no issue in working together.

HighlightsThe story needs to show a peep into the shortcoming and quality of the rancher’s life. A rancher implies a rancher with a dream. He buckles down. Sets aside cash and cash by pruning. At that point bears a wide range of sufferings. There is a chill in the colder time of year, hears the maltreatments of the zamindar, yet keeps on working. This is his quality. He is feeble in light of the fact that he doesn’t try to remain against the unfairness of the zamindar. Conditions are liable for this. Halku gave his well-deserved cash to the zamindar and he began to chill with cold in the evening of Pus. This is his shortcoming. Because of the weight of the conditions, the indigo couldn’t shield its harvest from the dairy animals. So the story vehicle has mocked the forces liable for the weakness of the rancher.

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