Resignation by great writer Munshi Premchand



‘The Resignation’ by Premchand is a genuine expansion of the topic, ‘respect in the work environment’. It educates us regarding the business worker relationship and how far the representative is bound to the business. 


 “The Resignation” is an exceptionally engaging story that starts with these lines: “An office representative is an idiotic animal”. The storyteller reveals to us that in the event that you affront a coolie he will lose his heap and leave, censure a bum and he will leave, and even a mishandled jackass will payoff. An office agent, nonetheless, will take any type of maltreatment from his lord and grin through it.

“The Resignation” The story spins around the life of an assistant named Lala Fatechand, he was a disappointment at everything, he had just 2 girls. At age 32 his well-being was at that point destroyed. He goes to work at 9:00 AM and returns at 6:00 PM and he comes up short on the boldness to go out around evening time. His business is reliant upon his office work. He was continually in dread of losing his employment. He has no enthusiasm for religion, poor people, human expressions, writing, sports, or films. One evening something extremely unordinary occurs. A courier appears from his office instructing him to come into work to deal with an earnest issue. His significant other instructs him not to go as they ask a lot from him. The battle about it and he goes in revealing to her his employment could be in question.

The workplace peon instructs him to rush into the supervisor’s home. The manager requests to know why they took such a long time to arrive. At the point when the representative attempts to clarify, the manager says he was lying and takes steps to box his ears. At the point when the agent contends, the supervisor takes steps to whip him and request that he get the record from the workplace. Freehand will get back home rather than the workplace to get the document imagining that the Saheb was flushed and even didn’t reveal to him the name of the record to be purchased. Subsequent to returning home Fatechand tells how he was embarrassed at Saheb’s home to his better half. The spouse requests that Fatechand quit the place of employment saying that honor is man’s most prominent belonging. Fatechand understands that it is idiotic to raise the family at the expense of dignity and strolls towards Saheb’s home by bringing a stick from his companion’s home.

Fatechand lifts the stick at Saheb and requests him to hold his hand on his ear and apologize and state that he could never manhandle anybody again. At the point when Saheb apologizes, Fatechand leaves by giving over the renunciation to him. In this manner, Fatechand had tried the joy of genuine triumph. This was the main victory of his life.



In this story, ‘Resignation’ Premchand portrays how a stupid agent will respond when his manager will mishandle him. In spite of the fact that the representative is bound to the business to protect his work, he revolts when something goes past his resilience. “Never test the tolerance of any human”


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