Short summary of the silly friend written by Premchand.

Short summary of the silly friend written by Premchand.


Short  Story – 1

Stupid monkey

A monkey lived as a worker in the castle of a ruler. He was an incredible adherent and enthusiast of the ruler. He could go unrestricted even in Interpur.

At some point while the lord was resting and the monkey was gazing, the monkey saw, a fly more than once sat on the ruler’s chest.

Even after rehashed expulsion from the fan, she didn’t accept, flew, and stayed there once more.

The monkey blew up. He left the fan and took a blade in his grasp; And this time when the fly sat on the lord’s chest, he left the sword’s hand on the fly with full power.

The fly took off, however, the ruler’s chest got two pieces because of the injury of the blade. The ruler passed on.

“A scholarly foe is superior to a stupid companion.”

Short Story – 2 

Tale of two bulls

This story is around two bulls who cherished their manager without question and furthermore had profound fellowship among themselves. The two bulls are self-regarding, fearless, and benevolent.

Their proprietor keeps them with extraordinary fondness. Be that as it may, when the two bulls are shipped off the parents in law of the proprietor.

Because of an absence of legitimate regard at the new alcove, both the bulls flee and go to their legitimate proprietor. They are then shipped off to another area.

At the point when they attempt to escape once more, they get into numerous inconveniences. Inevitably, they are sold to a butcher’s hand.

In any case, both the bulls additionally figure out how to escape the butcher’s grasp lastly arrive at their legitimate proprietor. This story is extremely intriguing and is written in basic language.

Short Story – 3

It was evening. Dr. Chadha was preparing to play golf. The engine was remaining before the entryway, and two Kahars were seen conveying a cart. Behind the doll, an elderly person used to stick. The doll halted before the dispensary. The elderly person came gradually and peeped from the chick lying at the door. Keeping feet on such a perfect ground, there was a dread that nobody would move. In any event, seeing Dr. Sahib standing, he didn’t have the fortitude to state anything.

The specialist said roar from inside the chick – who right? What do you need?

The specialist said with collapsed hands and said – I am an exceptionally helpless man. My kid for a long time …….

The specialist said by lighting a stogie, “Come promptly toward the beginning of the day, tomorrow is the first part of the day, we don’t see patients right now.”

The elderly person bows down and puts his head on the ground and says – Duhai is the government’s, the kid will kick the bucket! Huzoor, no eyes for four days …….

Dr. Chadha took a gander at the wrist. There were just ten minutes of time left. He said while removing the golf-stick stake, come tomorrow first thing, tomorrow first thing; This is our playtime.

The elderly person removed the turban and put it on the edge and said crying – Hujur, see. Simply a look! The kid will disappear with his hands, this is just one of the seven young men who endure. The two of us will pass on sobbing, government! You are growing up, Deenbandhu!

Such ruined natural individuals used to come here ordinary. Dr. Saheb was exceptionally acquainted with his temperament. Regardless of the amount anybody says; But they will continue reciting their own. Won’t tune in to anybody. Gradually lifted the chick and got out and strolled towards the engine. The elderly person pursued them saying – Sarkar, Bada Dharam. Hujur, show leniency, I am extremely dismal; There is nobody else on the planet, Babuji!

Yet, the specialist didn’t take a gander at him. Sitting on the engine, he said – come in the first part of the day tomorrow.

Engine left. The elderly person stood still like a sculpture for a few minutes. There are likewise people on the planet who don’t think about anybody’s life before their joy, maybe they actually could barely handle it. The edified world is so merciless, so cruel, it had not yet had such an appalling encounter. He was one of those good old animals who were consistently prepared to stifle the flares, shoulder the cadavers, lift one’s shed, and placate some dissension. When the elderly person saw the engine, he gazed at it with a standing look. Maybe he actually had any desire for a specialist’s return. At that point, he requested that Kahar lift the doli. Doli originated from where she went. Baffled from the surrounding, he came to Dr. Chadha. Heard his incredible acclaim. Baffled here, he didn’t go to some other specialist. Thumped karma

That very evening, a seven-year-old kid giggling and finishing his hair and disappeared from this world. This was the premise of the life of old guardians. They used to live observing this. When this light was doused, the dim evening of life started to putrefy. The extraordinary love of mature age emerged from a wrecked heart and the haziness started to shout out of the heart. 


Short Story – 4

It was at two o’clock. The visitors left. Just the stars of the sky were left among the individuals who cried. Also, everybody was burnt out on crying. Individuals took a gander at the sky with extraordinary excitement to some way or another be glad and be given the cadaver in the lap of Ganga.

Abruptly Bhagat arrived at the door and gave a voice. Specialist Sir, a few patients more likely than not to come. Some other day they would have reproved the man; But came out today. Saw an elderly person standing up – midriff twisted, individual’s mouth, eyebrows had gotten white. Shaking with the assistance of wood. He said modestly, sibling, today we have such an issue that something can’t be stated, come back again at some point. For a month here, I probably won’t have the option to perceive any patient.

Bhagat said – I have heard Babuji, that is the reason I have come. Sibling, were right? If it’s not too much trouble show me. God is an incredible finance manager, can likewise raise dead. Who knows, may he actually have to feel sorry for.

Chadha said with an upset voice – Come on, see. Be that as it may, it was three to four hours. All that needed to happen has been finished. Numerous sweepers followed seeing.

What might the specialist anticipate? I truly, feel sorry for the elderly person. Took in Bhagat took a gander at the carcass for a moment. At that point, he grinned and said – Nothing is ruined at this moment, Babuji! On the off chance that you need this Narayan, at that point in 30 minutes the sibling will get up. You are making the unfeeling. Simply state it, fill it with water.

The Kahrs filled the water and began washing Kailash, the line was shut. The quantity of Kahars was not high, so the visitors filled the water from the well external the yard and offered water to the Kahanas, Mrinalini was getting water for Kalasa. More seasoned Bhagat stood and grinned, discussing the mantra as though Vijay was remaining before him. When the mantra was finished, he was put on the top of a studded Kailash, and how frequently Bhagat yelled the mantra. All things considered, when Usha opened her red eyes, Kailash’s red eyes additionally opened. In a second, he took to support and requested to drink water. Dr. Chadha ran and embraced Narayani. Narayani ran and fell at Bhagat’s feet and Manalini started to solicit in tears in front of Kailash – what a medical issue!

In a second the news spread in general. Companions began coming to praise him. Dr. Sahib used to sing the popularity of Bhagat with extraordinary respect. All individuals got enthusiastic for darshan of Bhagat; But when he headed inside and saw, Bhagat didn’t know anyplace. The workers said – simply staying here, Chilham was drinking. On the off chance that we began giving make, I didn’t take it, eliminate it from myself, and filled it.

Here Bhagat started to be looked through for what it’s worth, and Bhagat was returning home to reach before the old woman got up!

When the visitors left, the specialist said to Narayani – where did Budha go? A Chillam Tamakhu was likewise not hermetically sealed.

Narayani – I figured, I will give it a major sum.

Chadha – I didn’t remember it around evening time, yet I remembered it when it got clear. When it brought a patient. I recollect since I planned to play and would not see the patient. You can’t uncover the blame that I am feeling by recollecting that day. I will discover him now and pardon him for my wrongdoing by falling on his feet. He won’t take anything, I realize that he was destined to rain distinction. His delicacy has indicated me such a model, which will stay before me starting now and into the foreseeable future.

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