The main character of Premchand novel rangbhoomi


The main character of Premchand novel rangbhoomi


Explanation: Blind Beggar is the central character of Rangbhoomi written by Premchand. Premchand is a notable essayist for his novel, books like Rangbhoomi. In each composition of Premchand, we can found a focal character, and the visually impaired poor person is the fundamental character of his novel Rangbhoomi.

The significance of the novel Rangbhumi


1. Premchand composed the novel ‘Rangbhoomi’ in 1924.

2. The focal character of the story was a visually impaired bum.

3. The story depicts the destruction of ranchers’ way of life and cultivating under British guidelines.

4. The epic depicts the phenomenal quality of a standard man, especially the worker network that never gives up to anybody.

Premchand novel rangbhoomi

It is seen that Premchand’s books are loaded up with a wide range of ground-breaking characters drawn from all degrees of society. In his books, educational encounters and characters are drawn to the necklace daily. One may see characters like blue-bloods and landowners, center level workers and landless workers, working-class experts, and individuals from the edges of society. The lady’s characters are resilient people, particularly the individuals who originate from the lower classes and are not modernized. The focal character of his novel Rangbhoomi (The Arena), Surdas, is an outwardly weakened poor person from a purported ‘distant standing. One can see Surdas attempting to get back the land that had persuasively detracted from him.


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