The Story of Us (film) American romantic comedy-drama film

The Story of Us (film)

The Story of  Us is a 1999 American romantic comedy-drama film directed by Rob Rainer and starring Bruce Willis and Michelle Faffifer as a married couple for 15 years.

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It has been fifteen years since the marriage of Ben Jordan Bruce Willis and his wife Katie Mitchell Feifer; They have two children, Erin Colleen Renison and Josh Jake Sandwig, a nice home and a comfortable life. However their happy marriage turns into the hut, a performance they distribute daily for the benefit of their children while behind the curtain they can no longer stand each other. Sending their children to a summer camp, Ben and Katie begin a trial separation, during which the two try to remember what it is about the other that makes them fall in love at first.


  • Bruce Willis as Ben Jordan
  • Michelle Pfeiffer as Katie Jordan
  • Rita Wilson as Rachel Krogan
  • Rob Reiner as Stan Krogan
  • Julie Hagerty as Liza
  • Tim Matheson as Marty
  • Lucy Webb as Joanie Kirby
  • Bill Kirchenbauer as Eddie Kirby
  • Red Buttons as Arnie Jordan
  • Jayne Meadows as Dot
  • Tom Poston as Harry
  • Betty White as Lillian Jordan


Critical reception

The story received generally negative reviews. Upon review by aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds an approval rating of 26% and an average rating of 4.65 / 10 based on 111 reviews. The website’s critical consensus states that the lack of chemistry between Bruce Willis and Michelle Feifer undermined the dull and predictable story about us. The film has a weight average score of 33 based on 37 out of 100 on Metacritic. Critics generally indicate unfavorable reviews. The audience gave the film an average grade of “B-” on an A + to F scale.

Janet Maslin wrote in The New York Times: The Story of Us offers such a wonderful vision of middle-aged marriage that it feels like it is the first Jack Lemon comedy made explicitly for the baby boom generation is. Perhaps this would explain Bruce’s casting. Willis as a jockey but sensitive suburban dad and Michelle Fifer as his bereaved spouse. The stars who have been variously directed by Rob Riner watch the child around, they are very stiff or screaming so that their neck is red is not helped by the film’s elbow. The Ribs Humor or its buried strategy. However, this is set to explain why this marriage is worth saving The Story of Us may also inspire single members of the audience to file for divorce.


Kenneth Turan wrote in the Los Angeles Times: A wannabe sensitive film that is too afraid to bite too deeply The Story of Us does not want to be real enough to endanger its homogenous humor. While it is already difficult to accept major stars carefully. Like Willis and Feiffer as regular people with everyday problems, this is even more difficult when both their fun and their fury slowly seem scripted. Not only do we feel Jordan’s pain. It’s not clear what we also want. Ficker Willis allows himself to be scripted and directed although Willis’s romantic comedy timing has intensified since his moonlight days. Nothing seems more real than their movie-stars-yelling-at-a-other relationship. The happily married act he performed for his children.

Roger Ebert in the Chicago Sun-Times awarded the film a star and wrote: Jeanne Siskel used to ask if the film was as good a documentary as the actors at lunch. I imagined a documentary while watching the story. It is said that the marriage of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. I don’t say that to score a cheap mark but because Moore and Willis are enthusiastic and intelligent people who no doubt had interesting fights about real issues and not fights about sitcoms. Issues There is a restaurant scene in which Willis shouts a failed genuine sadness when Ryan’s Harry Met tries to rip Meg Ryan’s famous restaurant orgasm in Sally. Willis jumps at the end of his tinder and tells Reiner that He can shake the top of your feet! Does not work because he is too angry to think or stop for the punch line. The line is not funny and the setup was not funny either because the concept is not funny. Oh and the scene ends with Rainer Doi taking a double-take straight into the camera. In how many ways can a scene be misled? Who thought this film would be entertaining? The same person who thinks we need more conversations about why people do wrong things with a roll of toilet paper. And those who think that the agony of this film can be ended by a showy monologue that is well given by Pfeiffer, but reads like an audition scene.
Mick LaSalle wrote in the San Francisco Chronicle: Anyone who turned to Hollywood for a wise and honest statement about marriage is eligible for the film, one thing that the film accomplishes: it shows how the logic goes somewhere May also provoke match shouters. Fiffer and Willis are getting married in those moments Reiner wrote dishonestly with unscrupulous direction. Although Katie gossips her husband with her children’s earrings, she never bites the children for their reactions. Tries to convince us that the children did not listen. This is typical of The Story of Us which is not really about marriage. These are Kodak’s moments.
Stephen Hunter in the Washington Post wrote: Willis is particularly mistaken. His tendency towards smiling has been encouraged and sentimentalized. For Feffer, she spends so much time yelling at him for failing to fill a container of windshield wiper fluid in the van. It is easy to forget that she is one of the most beautiful women in the world and one of the gifted actresses. Michelle Mummy Enough With The Fuck! Get a cocktail dress and a pair of very high-heeled Steve Maddens and let us dream again.
 Empire wrote Essentially This is when Sally divorced Harry playing the role of Bruce as Bruce and Michelle’s crying wife tries a temporary separation than to bid farewell to their marriage with the inevitable flashback Go ahead Bruce Will is getting long hair. Only laughs and weakly written Nora Efron-Esque chats with Witty Pulse. Bruce gets Rainer and Paul Racer Mitchell gets Rita Wilson who only serves to remind us of this. Let’s say how much better it would have been if Niner had hired Efron to write this.

Time Out wrote Time has certainly reinforced the touch for a consistent comedian and though it neutralizes the more sentimental elements of Alan Zwiebel and Jessie Nelson’s banquet screenplay either to flush out sympathy for the character or to sympathize Failure reduces the film. Matchless slanging match.

Awards and nominations

Coleen Renson was nominated for a Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Feature Film Supporting Young Actress. These artists performed very well and made themselves a renowned artist. These artists were nominated for a Young Artist Award for Best Performance.

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