Vodafone conference call activation

Vodafone conference call activation
Vodafone conference call activation



Vodafone phone call initiation

It’s allowed to join a phone call – you’ll possibly be charged on the off chance that you start it. You’re charged for the number of individuals you welcome to join the call. For instance, in the event that you set up a call enduring 15 minutes with 2 others, you’ll be charged for 30 minutes.

Like some other call, the minutes you use for your telephone call will emerge from your recompense.



You can address up to six individuals without a moment’s delay on a gathering call. You need to have a Pay month or business record to begin a call. In case you’re on Pay as you go, you can’t begin a call, yet you can be welcome to go along with one.

You can welcome individuals to join whatever organization they’re on – including mobiles and landlines.


Set up and add individuals:


(1) Call the principal individual you need to welcome  

(2) Press Add call (in case you’re on an Android gadget, you may have to squeeze Menu to see this)   

(3) Call the second individual you need to welcome
(4) Press Merge assembles to join everybody

Add more individuals: 


(1)Press 2 to require the meeting to be postponed  

(2) Call the following individual  

(3) Press 3 to add them 


Drop individuals and end the call


To end the meeting for everybody, press 1 at that point Send.
You can eliminate individuals from the call on the off chance that you began the call:

(1) Press 1 

(2) Press the quantity of the guest

(3) Press Send
For instance, in the event that you need to drop the third individual who joined – 1 3 Send.

Settle on one more decision simultaneously 


To let the others continue without you, press 2 and afterward Send. At that point, you can settle on or get a decision not surprisingly.

To trade between your call and the phone call, press 2 and afterward Send.

To end your get back to and go to the gathering, press 1 and afterward Se



Set up a three-way telephone call

(1) Dial the quantity of the main individual

(2) Request that they hold, at that point press R on your telephone’s keypad

(3) Hang tight for the dial tone, at that point dial the subsequent individual’s number

(4) Whenever they’ve replied, press the R key once more, at that point press 3

(5) Presently every one of you three can talk together

End a three-way telephone call 


(1) To end the require the main individual you dialed in, press R, hang tight for the dial tone, at that point press 5

(2) For the subsequent individual, press R, hang tight for the dial tone, at that point press 7


Conference call 


Buy into Conference Call to have different members on a call. You can chat with up to five distinct individuals all at once. Likewise, every one of the five can add the amount to five additional members on a similar call. The administration is accessible for both Postpaid and Prepaid clients, aside from Prepaid clients in the Karnataka circle.

Activation or Deactivation


A large portion of the most recent handsets upholds Conference Calling. Be that as it may, kindly check your handset manual no doubt. All endorsers ought to actuate Call Waiting Service first to profit the Conference Call office.

As a Vi™ supporter, you won’t need to pay additional Monthly Rentals to utilize the Conference Call administration. Extra stores might be pertinent depending on the tact of Vi™ Credit Services. Have confidence, these stores will be changed in impending bills at whatever point you deactivate the administration.

SMS the accompanying to 199 (complementary) to either initiate or deactivate the Call Conferencing administration from your Vi™ number.

Note: TAT for Activation/Deactivation of call meeting administration is 15 Min.


  1. (Circles)                      (To activate)                   (To deactivate)
    (1) J&K and UP (E)  SMS ACT CC to 199  SMS CAN CC to 199


    (2) All Other India SMS ACT CONF to 199  SMS CAN CONF to 199

    Your base calling rates keep on applying for Conference Calling.

    The 30p / min charge is less than 30p for calling rates.

    Meeting Calling doesn’t matter to Free Minutes, Closed User Groups, Friends and Family, and Night Speak limits.

    Active calls that start and additionally partake in Conference Calling are classified and charged as Conference Calls.


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